What Can Be Used As An Aphrodisiac?

by | Feb 12, 2016

In my research for my latest manuscript, which is about a rhino sanctuary in Kenya, I have been studying the alleged use of rhino horn as an aphrodisiac. In many places I have read that that explains why the rhino horn is so prized and, hence, poached to within an inch of its life (whether black, white, Sumatran or whatever). But then I read a book by Esmond Bradley Martin, who took it upon himself to do an exhaustive field study, interviewing 200 pharmacists and other healers throughout SE Asia. He found that, in fact, while the rhino horn was used in some concoctions (mostly for fever and colds), it was not used as an aphrodisiac. The list of material that WAS used as an aphrodisiac was pretty impressive, however. It included:

monkey brain

tongue of a sparrow

human placenta

the tail of the deer

the penis of a white horse,

mutton from wild sheep,

velvet antlers of the Sika deer 

rabbit hair from old brushes 

human fingernails

tiger penises and testicles 

deer testicles and penises

dried gecko

snake blood mixed with snake gall bladder

Nuff said!

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