I Start My Week With Sarah Aronson

by | Sep 5, 2017

Writing is a lonely endeavor. That is true whether you are struggling with what to work on, which is where I am often these days, or if you are lost in the thickets of your story.

For those who feel like they are hacking their way through the undergrowth and are lost, or even going in circles, I really recommend Sarah Aronson’s blog.  You can subscribe to her Monday Motivation by going to her website, saraharonson.com, and looking under the tab “for writers.” I’ve saved all these motivations because they are full of so many good questions and exercises. Today’s was about needing to know the ending before you begin. This post really resonated with me because I’ve got some characters in my head that I’m caring more and more about but I haven’t got the ending figured out and so I’m stuck. What is this story in my head really about?  I know it is about loss and guilt, but I’ve got to know where my main character ends up or what she figures out before I can get any further. That will be part of my work for this week.

But Sarah has other really great motivations, as well, that speak to really intense work about the inner workings and emotions of your characters. I highly recommend it.  

Now, I’m off to write!

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