School Visits

Do you think only famous people have done interesting things? Deb loves to engage with young readers and educators about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and about the power of biography. As a non-fiction author with 20 years of experience, Deb’s expertise and enthusiasm help engage her audiences and get them thinking about their own lives and what their journey might hold.

Biographies, particularly about people who are not household names, can be an incredible gateway, a glimpse into a life or a path that resonates with a reader through the years, perhaps without them even realizing it. 

Her presentation will augment your curriculum by addressing how writers find stories, how they research their material, organize their thoughts and write in a way that brings the story to life. It will also open a window for students about the countless people in the world who have followed their passions. Perhaps one of your students will think, “Hey, that could be me!”

 Deb has visited schools throughout Illinois as well as California, in addition, she has given presentations for Read Across America and the Champaign-Urbana Youth Literature Festival.

Deb kept our students enthralled by reading passages from the book, showing photographs and video.  I couldn’t keep the book on the shelf after her visit.
Peggy Burton

Librarian, Williams Elementary School

This author visit with Deb Aronson was the best I have ever seen.
Paula Johnson

Grade 5 Teacher, Williams Elementary School

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