Great Metaphor for Tuning Out Haters

by | Aug 30, 2018

This article by James Clear resonated with me. In part it is because it deals with how to handle one’s inner critic. That’s always a good topic to re-visit since one’s inner critic never rests. But I particularly appreciated his metaphor, from race car driver Mario Andretti. Andretti was asked by a reporter at SUCCESS magazine for his top tip for success in race car driving:

He said, “Don’t look at the wall. Your car goes where your eyes go.”

When young drivers are starting to race, this is one of the most critical lessons that they learn. When you’re driving at 200mph you need to focus on the road in front of you. If you look at the wall, then you’ll end up hitting it.

The same could be said for your life, your work, and dealing with critics.

For some reason the image of hitting a concrete wall going 200 mph had a lot of … impact on me!

Here is the whole article if you are interested.

View from the seat of a race car

Alexandra the Great book cover

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