School Visits in the Time of Coronavirus

by | Apr 2, 2020


shouting into a bullhornHappy April!!

I have a new, improved website and I’m not fooling!!

One of my goals this year is to continue to build on my school visits. I love doing them, but nowhere on my website was it clear that I even did them. It has taken several months and I switched designers mid-stream, since my original designer got a full-time gig, but thanks to their combined efforts I know have a section about school visits. Yay!!

Now it’s time to get the word out about my availability.

Happily just last month an invitation to do a school visit mid-April fell into my lap. Great! Awesome! The school, in Peoria, IL, was going to offer my books for sale to the students, I was going to spread the gospel about Rachel Alexandra and also ensure the students see authors as regular people. I couldn’t wait!

But now … I will be zooming with the students, which is fine. The challenges I see ahead are how to whittle my presentation down to 30 minutes and still be able to share some of my favorite videos from 2009. And how to keep the students’ interest. I can handle all this, I think.

Girl with a stack of books

But the kicker is, how do students get an opportunity to buy a copy of the book? Ideally a signed copy. I could ship the requested copies from the distributor to the school in Peoria. Except the kids are not AT school, of course. And how will we know how many students want a copy and will they arrive in time?

I do not want to miss this opportunity!! I have reached out to my writing community but if any one who is reading this has an idea, please let me know!

Speaking of my revamped website, there is also a place for you to sign up for my newsletter. I promise it will be short, chatty and only once per month. Plus it’s free (hee hee)! So, what have you got to lose? Go ahead and sign up where you see the prompt!

Here’s hoping that soon, students are back in class, museums, libraries and gyms re-open. Realistically I know that won’t be for many months, but I hope for a way out of this mess!



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