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Education for Every Generation

Biomarker December 2009

IGB faculty members are not only advancing life sciences research and stimulating bio-economic development in the state of Illinois, they also are advancing and stimulating the minds of area residents age 50 and over, as part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).

OLLI is a national program with institutes in every state. The University of Illinois program was established three years ago and now has more than 500 members.

Regenerative Biology

Biomarker December 2009

Regenerative medicine in the 1990s promised simple and dramatic cures, but these cures remain the stuff of fiction.

Over the last 15 years researchers and clinicians alike have begun to realize that, while the promise of regenerative medicine remains, the challenges are far more daunting than they originally imagined. Remember when all of Harry Potter’s arm bones were re-grown by drinking a potion? That is not going to be happening in our world any time soon.

Bruce Fouke

IGB Biomarker magazine December 2009

Bruce Fouke, a sedimentary geologist, started his academic research journey in a fairly conventional way; integrating sedimentology, stratigraphy, geochemistry and paleontology to reconstruct the Earth’s environment during the deposition and secondary alteration of sedimentary rocks.

Online Writing Instruction: No Longer a Novelty

NCTE Council Chronicle November 2009

As the Internet and new technologies permeate every aspect of our lives, teaching is no exception.

“More and more people are looking to find ways to teach writing online that are effective, make sense, and are as good if not better than on-site classes,” says Scott Warnock, assistant professor of English, director of the Freshman Writing Program at Drexel University and author of Teaching Writing Online: How and Why.

Laurie Halse Anderson

NCTE Council Chronicle November 2009

The way Laurie Halse (rhymes with waltz) Anderson sees it, her main job is to tell stories that young people will read.

“More than anything that’s my job, to tell stories so that kids will keep reading and developing their literacy skills. If I can do that then I can sleep well at night.”

Anderson’s first book, Ndito Runs, was published in 1996, but she had been writing stories for many years before that.

A Civil Engineer Takes on Biological Systems

Institute for Genomic Biology October 2009

Civil engineering is not the most traditional route to tissue regeneration research, but that is how chemical and biomolecular engineering professor and IGB researcher Hyun Joon Kong began his journey.

Collaboration Imagination

Illinois Alumni August 2009

A high school boy teaching computer skills in Africa. An inner city administrator fulfilling her vision of a playground. A rural chemistry teacher linking to a professional community. What is the connection of these people - and hundreds of others - to the University of Illinois?

Sailing: Another way to enjoy Illinois lakes

Outdoor Illinois July 2009

From Horatio Hornblower to Pirates of the Caribbean, sailing has always held a certain romance; with no engine, the sailor becomes adept at sailing in every kind of condition, from light to heavy wind, from smooth to choppy water, and, ultimately, to master or harness Mother Nature in all her moods.

Promises to Keep

Illinois Alumni April 2009

Lhea Randle dreamed since she was 8 years old that she would go to college, but when her mom died, it looked like her plans might go up in smoke. Mauriell Amechi, commuting one hour each way to high school and being raised by his grandmother, felt that college was his “destiny.” Silvia Gonzalez, for whom English was her second language, was determined as a child to graduate from college, better herself and help her family in the process.

Myriad rules and regulations challenge emergent biofuels industry

Institute of Genomic Biology April 2009

Bryan Endres’s exploration of the legal issues surrounding biofuels and genetically modified plants is tightly integrated with the efforts of IGB scientists to unlock the key to commercial production of cellulosic ethanol.


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