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The Not-So-Silent Night

Illinois Alumni magazine December 2014

For many families within driving distance of the University of Illinois campus, the winter holiday season is anything but silent—though it may be bright.

Couples Therapy

Sailing World August 2014

We pull into Deep Creek YC at Turkey Neck in the pouring rain, still recovering from a hair-raising U-turn with our boat trailer on a windy, single-lane country road. We park in the muddy fields of the upper parking lot, and slop to the cedar-sided clubhouse overlooking the lake. With more rain and no wind in the forecast, my mood is glum.

Sister Act

Illinois Alumni magazine October 2014

The hallways of the I Hotel were packed as women sporting pink and green t-shirts greeted one another with huge hugs and smiles. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Gamma Chapter, was celebrating its centennial on the University of Illinois campus. Warmth and love filled the air; oxygen molecules found room where they could. In that moment, this past winter,  you felt you could do anything you set your mind to, as long as you had the support of these magnificent, high-energy women.

Deborah Leckband: Sticky Situations

Mass Transfer

Where, when, why and how do molecules say to one another, “Hey, let’s stick together?” That’s the fundamental question that Deborah Leckband, Milner T. Reid Professor of Chemical Sciences, ponders.


Outlook magazine January 2014

This year Devyani Hunt had an epiphany. During Dancing in the Streets, a St. Louis outdoor dance festival featuring more than 60 dance companies and 1,000 dancers, Hunt saw many dancers who might not have been on atage without her help. In one instance, Hunt had treated 10 of a company’s 18 dancers.


Click! magazine December 2013

Vikram Adve, professor of computer science, and his first-year graduate student, Chris Lattner, made a plan for their next project. It was not a big plan, just the kind of plan a professor and a graduate student make all the time in the course of their research. 

“We had talked about the idea of developing an infrastructure to use for both dynamic and static compilation, which we were going to work on after vacation,” remembers Adve.

Beam Us Up

Illinois Alumni November 2013

Hovering on the south side of the University of Illinois campus, State Farm Center may mimic the fleeting specter of a UFO, but it’s oh, so different in so many ways.

The most important being that its multidimensional mission has morphed it from a mere architectural curiosity to fan-friendly haven, granting it impressive staying power — a half century this year.

Judy Blume

NCTE Council Chronicle November 2013

Judy Blume has spent her career shining a light for young readers struggling with growing up, trying to figure out who they are, and wondering whether they are normal.

Her fans are legion; their devotion is epic.

But she has paid a price for her candor and for her straight talk. Blume’s books, from Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret to Forever are among the most frequently challenged in the United States.

Tectonic Shifts, Turbulence, & Opportunities

NCTE Council Chronicle November 2013

For Adam Banks, 2014 CCCC chair, the conference is an opportunity to look hard at the future and figure out how to get there. 

Reading Instruction That Meets Students Where They Are

NCTE Council Chronicle September 2013

For those who have mastered reading, it is like breathing: they don’t consciously think about how to do, they just do it. For others, though, reading may be anything but unconscious, and can be difficult, frustrating work.

What can teachers do to help students not only enjoy but also succeed at reading?


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