Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana
~ Groucho Marx


What I Learned in Farmer City

Well, the Monday before Thanksgiving I gave my very first Rachel Alexandra presentation. Happily, it was to a lovely audience, the Farmer City Shakespeare Club. The group has a 125-year history, including being the driving force behind establishing the library. That made it a great group to speak with and I had a fun time. Basically I just showed up and told them RAchel's story, but I learned a ton. I hope they didn't mind being my guinea pigs!

Here's what I learned:

Words Fail Me

Well, I've been trying to wrap my head around the meaning of this 2016 election. Words fail me. Still, my vow was to blog once a week, so I'll leave you with this link. Please check it out:



Super-Hero-Themed Prairie Writers and Illustrators Day Conference Full of Discovery

This is the third or fourth year I’ve gone to the SCBWI Illinois Prairie Writers and Illustrators Day at Harpers College in Palatine.

My Path to Publication

A few months ago I was asked to contribute to the Prairie Wind, the SCBWI Illinois Chapter's monthly newsletter. They have a section titled "Tales from the Front" in which people (usually first-time authors) talk about their path to publication. I was tickled to be asked and I decided to post that article here, just to increase (if only by one) its readership.

The link to the entire issue is here: 

Rubbing Elbows with Other Authors Always Energizing

Two weekends ago I helped host Ruth Spiro at the Champaign Barnes and Noble. Ruth is the author of Baby Loves Quarks and Baby Loves Astrophysics.  These board books are so clever that I want to give them to every baby I know! They address these daunting topics on such a simple level that you can hear adults around the world sighing, "ah! this is just the right level for ME, never mind my baby!" She does such a great job 

This Blog Post Really Resonated with Me

I read Cal Newport's blog, Study Hacks, regularly. While I don't always always agree with his view, this post really resonated with me.



Why Rachel Alexandra?

Alexandra the Great: The Story of the Record-Breaking Filly Who Ruled the Racetrack represents the first book I wrote from an idea I had and pursued. I had 

Publicity for Rachel Alexandra Begins!

I am proud to announce my first author presentation, which will take in place November in Farmer City, IL.

My good friend, Debbie Yeagle, invited me to speak to the Shakespeare club. And, get this, the group will be 125 year old next year. 125!! Did you catch that? I am very very honored and excited.

Continuing the Theme of Loving Non-fiction...

Here's a link to yet another story about the growth in non-fiction. I'm going to re-read this every time I feel bad about loving non-fiction. Why do I feel guilty about it? Somehow in my mind (my monkey mind, you know the one that always makes you feel bad) I tell myself that writers who create fiction are somehow more talented and creative than saps like me who love telling real stories, even when truth is often stranger than fiction. Go figure.  Maybe I should write a post titled,"1001 Ways People Make Themselves Feel Bad'"

Anyway, here's the link!


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