Everything should be
as simple as possible,
but not simpler ~
Albert Einstein


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What's the Deal with Racing Silks?

Have you ever watched a horse race and wondered how to tell the horses apart?

Let’s face it — running in a pack like that they all look pretty much the same. That’s where racing silks come in!

My Book Has Arrived!

See Rachel Run

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Watch this video of Rachel winning the Kentucky Oaks. It's one of the most fun races you'll ever see! Here is Calvin looking for his competition, which isn't even in the frame of the photograph!


Churchill Downs


Wimbledon, Indianapolis Raceway, Wrigley Field, Churchill Downs. Places like this, where epic sporting events happen, have their own kind of mystique. When you are there you can't believe you are really there. Is this really where Martina Navritilova won her nine Wimbledon singles titles? Or the 100th Indianapolis 500 took place? 



Calvin in My Car

(Calvin with Rachel) 


I Love Mondays

I've been meaning to write about the joy of Mondays for a while, so here goes! It has always struck me as funny (as in odd) how much people gripe about Mondays. I get it: the social stereotype is that people view work as a drudgery and they spend much of their time watching the clock. I think that does a disservice to many people, who give their best to their job and might even *gasp*  have a job they like.

What I Learned in Farmer City

Well, the Monday before Thanksgiving I gave my very first Rachel Alexandra presentation. Happily, it was to a lovely audience, the Farmer City Shakespeare Club. The group has a 125-year history, including being the driving force behind establishing the library. That made it a great group to speak with and I had a fun time. Basically I just showed up and told them RAchel's story, but I learned a ton. I hope they didn't mind being my guinea pigs!

Here's what I learned:

Words Fail Me

Well, I've been trying to wrap my head around the meaning of this 2016 election. Words fail me. Still, my vow was to blog once a week, so I'll leave you with this link. Please check it out:




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