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seriously is worth
making fun of


Printers' Row Literary Festival

In addition to presenting Sunday morning on a panel with some outstanding authors (Patty Toht, Brittany Jacobs, Celia Perez, Wendy Brant) and host Esther Hershenhorn, I also went to a few sessions on Saturday. They were on such a wide range of topics, and none of them were about writing for kids, which made me feel very pleasantly simulated, intellectually, I mean.

Reflections on the Journey to Publication

I have been thinking about the process of getting my book published in anticipation of the Printers Row Literary Festival June 10 and 11, where I'll be participating in a panel of first-time authors. Related to that, I wrote this article about a year ago and thought it might be of interest to some readers. It was published in the SCBWI Illinois magazine, Prairie Wind:

A Racehorse by any Other Name …

This is Samantha Nicole

What is the Triple Crown?


The Triple Crown in American Thoroughbred Racing is a series of three races:  wthe Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY); the Preakness Stakes (run at Pimlico in Baltimore, MD); and the Belmont Stakes (run at the Belmont, outside New York City). Only 12 horses over the past 98 years have won the three races, so it’s a very,  very very rare accomplishment.


Whatever happened To Rachel's Babies?

Do you catch yourself wondering, whatever happened to Jess's Dream and Rachel's Valentina, Rachel's two offspring? (Here is Jess's Dream on the left and Rachel's Valentina with her mom on the right)

Rachel Alexandra is Officially Available


Well, I can hardly believe the time has come, but March 1, 2017, is the official publishing date for my book about Rachel Alexandra. Feels like some festivities are in order, but probably I'll just pat myself on my back in the privacy of my own house/office. Speaking of that office, how about a tour of mine?  I thought of this when my eye landed on one of my favorite knick knacks. 


Wondering What the Book is all About? Read This

Here is a link to an interview I did at my publisher's blog (Chicago Review Press). It gives a pretty good overview of my book, Alexandra the Great: The story of the Record-Breaking Filly Who Ruled the Racetrack.

Win a Copy of Rachel Alexandra!



What's the Deal with Racing Silks?

Have you ever watched a horse race and wondered how to tell the horses apart?

Let’s face it — running in a pack like that they all look pretty much the same. That’s where racing silks come in!


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