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Do Photos Make a Book?

Well, I got some bad news today. The photographer who took the photo of Rachel Alexandra for Vogue declines to give me permission to use it in the book. I should not be surprised; I don't see that photo floating around like many others. Still, a bummer. 

June was a false start, let's try October!

Well, that first blog post kind of fizzled didn't it? The problem is, I'm not completely sure what I want to write about here. It should be writing related, this much I know, but the only other blog I write, which is sailing related, has a much more clear structure: go to a regatta, write about it. end of story....

This one is a bit more amorphous and also, maybe, more personal. Oh well, here it goes...

Better Late Than Never!

Okay, well, here it is, my first blog post. I realize I am quite a bit behind the times and should probably be tweeting or instagramming, but heck with it!  I wasn't sure I had much to contribute to the world of ideas and writing. Now I think I will, at least in part, use this blog to write about the backstory of projects I am working on. For example, tomorrow I leave to go to Cornwall to interview several people who knew Anna Merz, a remarkable woman who was a champion of rhino conservation in Kenya.


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